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Women Sounding
out Science

Creating a community to listen, hear and give voice to the planet

Listening to the Earth

We are interested in listening to the Earth and all its creatures. We believe that the environment, science and community are inextricably linked to our health and well-being. Our mission is to explore the world in a different way...through sound. We are committed to sharing our stories and taking you along with us on a journey of science, story and sustainability for our planet.

Australia's Amazing Wetlands

Australia's Amazing Wetlands

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature (via kayak) on a short paddle through a flooded wetland. Experience the sights and sounds of the river and surrounding bush, and revel in the abundance of birds and other wildlife that inhabit this area. 

Antarctic Expedition

Antarctic Expedition

WSOS is deeply committed to raising awareness about the fragility of all ecosystems, including the remote Antarctica. We understand the importance of preserving natural ecosystems for future generations.

The Sound of Water - Oceans and Rivers

The Sound of Water

From snow to ice, to oceans and streams, water is the life blood of our world. We have captured some of the sounds of water. Come with us to these places and listen carefully to the unique melodies.

Tranquil Gardens

Human Generated Sounds

Looks can be deceiving! What looks like a tranquil garden most of the time, can be full of sounds which take away our sense of peace. In the broader context of our world, habitat destruction changes the soundscape of places. At WSOS we strive to educate and inform about changes in our world of sound.

Sun through the Branches

“Listening in wild places, we are audience to conversations in a language not our own...”

Robin Wall Kimmerer. Braiding Sweetgrass.

Upcoming Events

Science Lab Work

WSOS Official Launch

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